Western and Northern Districts Amateur Radio Club


Yup, yet another ‘Amateur Radio Club Website’ – except –

This time with a difference!

We’re a brand spanking new Amateur Radio Club, keen to ignite and dominate the untamed ‘Wild-West’ of our favourite town – good’ol Melbourne, Australia.


Striving to deliberately punch some life back into Amateur Radio, the Club has simply boomed with this fresh and bold agenda – moving forward with a deliciously wicked vigour, previously unseen in this amazing City of ours.

Let us prove to you today that Amateur Radio doesn’t have to be all stuffy, uptight and ‘procedurally-obsessed’ –

It can instead, truly be a place where you can let your hair down, be entertained and become enlightened, all at the same time.

Unlike other Clubs about the place, in here you can just roll up your sleeves and immediately start having fun – immaterial of whether you’re a Club Member or not.

While you’re at it, why not come across and meet with us – as we already congregate twice a month, inside our all-new and super-impressive Club HQ.

Additionally, we also hold a Twice-Monthly ‘Net – every alternating Thursday Night at 8pm without fail – on our local simplex chat frequency of 145.245MHz.  ( Check the Club Calendar for details. )


So, go on – take a moment – Feel free to explore this impressive Website of ours, ( learning as much about us, as you can. )

And of course, we really do implore you to come on over’n have some real fun with us – the very next time we get together – Be it On-Air, or in 3D.


C’mon now, don’t be shy –

Just grab that Mic of yours and – ‘Go Ahead OVER’ – ( Psssht! )